A rich heritage in alternative investments

Chesapeake has a rich heritage in alternative investments due to its 25-year involvement advising families, endowments, and foundations on a broad range of investments. Chesapeake’s history has included a long-term advisory relationship with the endowment of one of the nation’s most prominent HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities), which led to top quartile returns among its peers.

The endowment model of investing, which blends traditional asset classes with less traditional offerings such as hedge funds, private equity, venture capital, and real estate, has been increasingly adopted by both private and institutional investors seeking multi-generational wealth creation. Chesapeake is uniquely suited as a long-term strategic investment advisor due to its multi-decade experience and differentiated manager network in the alternative investment space.

Multi-Family Office (MFO) Services

CAM forms long-term partnerships with families seeking generational wealth creation and guidance on financial planning matters and management of their lives and legacies. Our clients come from different walks of life and bring together unique insights and industry networks that enhance the collective knowledge of the group and broadens the horizon of investment opportunities. 

CAM applies a highly customized and personal approach, while offering a comprehensive investment solution that combines direct investing in public markets with capital allocation across a select number of outside managers covering a broad range of alternative investments. We are a boutique advisory firm with a highly selective approach, bringing together a group of family relationships with a pool of investment talent that generates investment ideas, manages diversified investments, and remains accountable for the performance of those investments.

Endowments & Foundations

Chesapeake serves as an independent advisor and OCIO for endowments, foundations, and other institutions. We partner with our clients’ investment committee to establish an appropriate investment policy in accordance with the institution’s return objectives, cash flow projections/needs, sustainability concerns, and other considerations. We leverage the knowledge of our investment team and our network of active managers across various disciplines to construct broad investment portfolios, which we then manage through due diligence and risk management