Multi - Asset Investment Experience

A Team of Seasoned Investors

Our investment committee members are veteran investors who have successfully managed investment portfolios throughout their career, each bringing a unique perspective due to diverse backgrounds that range from global equity to macro to real estate.

When it comes to assessing asset managers, we believe it “takes one to know one”. Our team is uniquely suited to select managers and build multi-asset class protfolios, and will often invest their own capital alongside clients, leading to a full alignment of incentives

This is a key advantage compared to firms that depends on sales-driven business models, act purely as distributors of investment funds, or depend on professionals with a manager selection background but no direct investing experience.


Unbiased, integrated investment solutions

CAM is an owner operated investment advisory firm that has no affiliations to other financial firms or investment funds. We provide unbiased, integrated investment solutions and our compensation comes exclusively from client fees. We share no economics with the managers we select and try to use our scale to secure preferential terms that flow through to our clients. We commit to a business model that will remain devoid of the conflicts of interest inherent in the traditional wealth management and private banking models.

We take pride in our role as a boutique investment firm. We cater for a select number of clients and plan to maintain a size that will support our commitment to offer a personalized service and avoid bureaucracy.

Value Added Approach

Employing an opportunistic approach

CAM’s team adds value by employing an opportunistic approach to asset allocation, avoiding areas where the risk/reward profile is subpar, while actively seeking ways to gain exposure to the ones that are most promising. We constantly monitor factors that create strategic and tactical opportunities, including price dislocations, secular growth trends, and policy changes. There is an inherent advantage in being able to pursue unconstrained strategies that allocate capital based on an independent assessment of value and risk, without the limitations of narrowly defined benchmarks.

CAM has developed a differentiated asset allocation framework which incorporates several new dimensions of risk such as time horizon, correlation to broader asset classes, and expected volatility. The aim is to build portfolios that are well-balanced, offer true diversification to market factors, and exhibit measured levels of risk through the entire investment cycle including deep downturns.

Differentiated Manager Network

Exceptional network of established managers

CAM has built an exceptional network of established managers, while also developing the expertise to unearth newer managers before they become widely known. We are often willing to back managers early in their lifecycle, provided they have a history of demonstrated success, a mindful approach to growing their business that prioritizes investment returns, and a significant portion of their net worth invested in the strategy.

CAM’s manager network covers a variety of strategies across the whole spectrum of asset classes: equity, fixed income, hedge fund strategies, private equity and credit, venture capital, infrastructure, and direct investments in private companies.